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Seek and find – SEO boosts biz for data entry services firm

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May 2004

Beginning in 1999, Axion decided to outsource search engine marketing services to Bridgeville, Pa.-based Impaqt. The decision to hire Impaqt -- which charges about $ 60,000 a year for its services -- was an easy one…Impaqt determined that Axion, for example, needed more key search terms on its site, including such phrases as "data entry services" and "data entry projects" on each page. Doing so would help secure a top 10 ranking overall, guaranteeing that businesses seeking data entry services firms would clearly understand what Axion specialized in and would find the company early on in their search, explains Melissa Burgess, director of business development for Impaqt.

"With (Axion's) Web site, we wanted to incorporate key terms (and ensure those terms were on each page). Key terms need to appear in the heading of a page and within the overall content," Burgess says. "The idea was to make sure that that content was shown a certain amount of times (on the site)."

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