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May 07 2014

Merkle | IMPAQT Ranks as Fastest Growing Search Agency in US

Merkle announced its prominent rankings in a new report from Advertising Age magazine.
Mar 01 2014

Capture Consumers in the Research Phase with Search Marketing

Whether you’re a sporting goods retailer, a credit card company, or a local pizza shop, the majority of the research your potential customers do to decide which product to buy and where to buy it takes place in a search engine. This article discusses the importance of being present in consumers’ research phase and the specific tactics you can use to capture “in-market” shoppers when they are in this critical decision-making phase of the purchase funnel.
Jan 01 2014

New Year. New Marketing Plan. Same Data?

It’s 2014 – a new year, and a great opportunity to reboot your paid search campaigns. But where to start? Feeling like you might have used up all of the best ideas last year? Don’t fret, as some fresh strategies might actually be closer than you realize.
Oct 01 2013

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising provides sophisticated options that can help marketers reach a multitude of goals. YouTube targeting provides a multitude of choices in order to engage with the right audiences at the right time, while its ad formats provide unique ways to engage with different audiences.
May 01 2013

Social Listening and Digital Marketing

With social networks being a primary source of information and influence for consumers today, savvy marketers cannot argue that it has become necessary to have a social strategy in order to gain valuable traffic and attention through social channels. With new social networks popping up daily and almost all corporations and ad agencies dedicating resources to social media marketing and monitoring, there has been an increased desire to measure and leverage social activity for marketing purposes. But how can any one marketer, corporation or even agency keep track of all that is being said about their brand across the countless number of social networks? That is where “social listening” has come into play.
Feb 02 2013

An Introduction to Digital Remarketing

This article is the first of a three part series focused on remarketing. This series will start by giving an overview of what remarketing is and how it works. The following two articles will then dive deeper into the specifics of remarketing within display and search.
Feb 01 2013

A Look at Google's New Enhanced Campaigns

Last week Google announced an update to their AdWords platform called “Enhanced Campaigns”. The cause of the change is based on research showing that consumers are using multiple devices from various locations at different times of day and are looking for a consistent experience. Up to this point, advertisers had to create separate campaigns for each context (location, time of day, and device) whereas now enhanced campaigns will allow advertisers to control bids, messaging, and ad types across multiple devices without having to create a separate campaign for each.